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"The key to Disney Animation is sincerity."  - Glen Keane (and Ollie Jonhston)

PIXAR - "Technology inspires art, art drives technology."
How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity
Ed Catmull, founder of Pixar -- Interview with iinnovate 

“Individuality of expression is, without question, an artist’s most valuable asset. You could make no more fatal error than to attempt to duplicate, for the sake of duplication alone, either my work or that of any other individual. Use another’s style as a crutch only – until you can walk alone. Trends of popularity are as changeable as the weather. Anatomy, perspective, values remain constant; but you must diligently search for new ways to apply then. The greatest problem here is to provide you with a solid basis that will nurture individuality and not produce imitation. I grant that a certain amount of imitation in the earliest phase of learning may be necessary in order that self-expression may have an essential background. But there can be no progress in any art or craft without an accumulation of individual experience. The experience comes best through your own effort or observation, through self-instruction, the reading of a book, or the study of an old master. These experiences are bundled together to form your working knowledge, and the process should never stop. New, creative ideas are usually variants of the old.”
Andrew Loomis, Figure Drawing for All It's Worth (1943) [pages 17-18]

The following is a quote from "The CalArts Story"
"No Nation~and no community~can flourish, or possibly even survive, unless it provides full opportunities for the encouragement, the development, and the full utilization of the intellectual and the artistic talents of its people." - Lee A. DuBridge

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